Wednesday, July 29, 2009

White Papers Game Development

Game Development White Papers:
Many white papers and some GLSL-Code Excellent Website
more white papers
GLSL-code for SSGI (see post No. 17)
more on SSGI
GI-technique used in Sonic Unleashed
GLSL-code for subsurface-scattering
Real-time Environment Reflections with OpenGL
more white papers from NVidia (I think you already know that page)
Some GLSL Shader.

Chunked LOD:

PolyVox As An Open Source Digital Molecular Matter:

Outer Space:

Oct Tree Elimination For The Need of UV Space Image Mapping:

Game Dev Website Famous Website For Game Development Been Around For A Long Time:

Deferred Lighting:

GPU Assist:
Real Time Ray Tracing using a new algorithm
to calculate shadows.
and here is a a demo:

Another Good Interactive Ray Tracing:

starcraft ii:

"Open Steer" Open Source AI System Based On Boids Type of Interactions:

For fluids, you could try and implement a sort of fake method with very cool results as seen here.

Steep Parallax Mapping:

Top Notch Really Excellent White Papers With Managed Shader System:

Some link of fast shadow map for large terrain:

producing fluid sound effects automatically from 3d fluid simulations, and will appear at Siggraph:

The central focus of this work is the automatic simplification of highly detailed polygonal surface models into faithful approximations containing fewer polygons.

there is also a link to an implementation you can try out as well.

iterative parallax mapping have better visual quality over steep parallax mapping:

here is paper if someone is interested

here are papers about relief mapping

and here is paper about cone mapping

Real Time GI:

Blender Developments:
Screen Space Effects Filters SSAO+sunrays+chromatic_aberration+DoF:

Soft Shadows:

Relief Mapping:

Iterative Parallax Mapping:



Advanced Ocean Water Shader System:

Real Time SSS:

Cube Mapping With Reflections Transparencies with Fresnel Chromatic Abberations:

Non Real Time: SSGI

Non Real Time Painting With Polygons:

Wednesday, July 15, 2009