Saturday, October 31, 2009

OpenCL vs CUDA

Check out the results between tests performance with OpenCL versus CUDA. Many times there is no difference in performance and other times OpenCL or CUDA is ahead. Its basically pretty much a tie between the 2 of them. CUDA is proprietary and OpenCL works with everything so save yourself a lot of headaches and develop with OpenCL so that you apps work with everything and not just NVIDIA.


OpenCL Download With Goodies:

More Info On OpenCL:

7z Zip Diff Tool

7z Zip:

Diff Tool:

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Open Source I-Phone SIO2

I-Phone SIO2:

SIO2 And Blender I-Phone Development Book:

Gimp And Blender

Gimp: Its a lot like photoshop its free and opensource and it lets you do uncompressed TGAs:

Blender: Free Open Source 3D Animation Package, Game Engine, Video Editor, Compositor, etc