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Cell Phone Programming Engines

Airplay SDK 4.4: This is the SDK that seems to be powering most of the other cell phone game engines that seem to be doing little more than repackaging Air Play SDK.

ShiVa 3D 1.9 Game Engine:

DX Studio 3D Engine 3.2

Unreal UDK Programming

How To Change Controls In UDK:

Unreal Programming:

Programming Procedures:

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Aligning Vectors 2D / 3D And Quaterion Rotations

Really good explanation page that breaks down how to do the process in simple english. The quaterions are even on the page. I will probably do an in depth explanation of quaterions. It may have to span across several videos.

Aligning Vectors 2D / 3D and Quaterion Rotations:

Monday, February 14, 2011

Dynamic Wave System

Dynamic Wave System In Blender IWave.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Scenix 6 For Real Time Development

Scenix is a development from NVIDIA making use of CUDA from the white paper that I posted previously on my blog. This is free software that you can gain access to the source code for free. You use this in your projects for both commercial and non-commercial purposes. This scenegraph plus more is compatible with NVIDIA and ATI along with most other 3D hardware. It runs on Linux and Windows and seems to be based around Open Scene Graph however this is a more up to date Next Gen Technology based. Also works with the CG Shading language and OpenGL which is awesome.

Please sign up as an NVIDIA developer in order to gain access to this source code.
SceniX 6:

CompleX allows for you to distribute your scene across multiple hardware components in your computer. Thus allowing you to do distributive computing in a seamless manner. This is also free with source code access please sign up for NVIDIA developer to gain access.


OptiX allows you to do real time ray tracing. Yup you read correctly real time ray tracing based off of the formulas from the papers that were presented in the NVIDIA white paper.


CG Shading Language 3. This language is not new yet quite good. The reason I was holding out on this language previously was because it was not being kept up to date with GLSL and HLSL, but all that is past now. The new release of CG Shading language adds all of the missing functionality found in GLSL and HLSL now fully up to date. So now you can code once in this language for multiple 3D card hardware architectures and have it span to OpenGL and Direct X making for an excellent solution to the real world problem of varying hardware when doing an actual in production software launch. This makes for a real world solution better than any other honestly.

CG Shading Language 3:

My video training series on CG Shading Language is soon to come. So students in the previous class and former students may want to take advantage of this new training series. In addition, my students present and past if you email me I will send you a large discount code.