Friday, December 25, 2009

Experimental OpenCL C++ Bindings

Experimental OpenCL C++ Bindings:

Tesla 512 Cores Per Card With 3 GB -6 GB of ECC Ram

Tesla 512 Cores Per Card With 3 GB - 6 GB of ECC Ram With Super High Precision For Scientific Calculations ( Can Fit 4 Of These Tesla Cards Into A Single U1 Runs On Linux And Windows And You Can Program Them With CUDA or OpenCL ):


Game Engine Networking and OSG Edit

Game Networking Engine Open Source (Used on commercial projects including Military Simulations and is also multi-threaded):

Cal 3D ( Character Animation Library is compatible with Open Scene Graph ) Good Solution???:
OSG Cal 3D :

Open AL ( 3D Game Engine Open Source Sound System Used On Many Major Commercial Games):

OSG Edit GUI Scenegraph Editor ( Download Through Subversion Only And Build With Scons works ):
OSG Edit Subversion Download:

OSG 2.96 Beta Out Headed To Version 3.0 ( I-Phone Support Almost Done ):

Friday, December 11, 2009

Screen Space Post Processing with OpenCL NVidia

KD Trees with OpenCL Nvidia Screen Space Post Processing Effects:

PPU (Post Processing Unit) Open Scene Graph: This system is ready to go with the Screen Space Rendering Techniques with OpenCL to achive the same results of the NVIDIA White Paper on the NVidia Scenegraph using Film Rendering Techniques in Real Time.

White Papers On PPU:

Monday, December 7, 2009

Bullet Physics Engine And Open Scene Graph

Open Scene Graph Also Supports Bullet:

osgWorks is a Dependency for osgBullet above it covers some odds and ends:

Bullet: BulletMultiThreaded, MultiThreadedDemo, Gpu2dDemo, Gpu3dDemo are not supported on 64bit platforms. If anyone can code out the 64 bit parts that are needed that would be a big benefit to the community.

Bullet Deformable Meshes and Terrain:

Sunday, December 6, 2009

KD Trees Very Fast Optimization Method

KD Trees in certain situations can be one of the fastest optimization methods. Sometime 3,000 times faster over other optimization methods.

KD Tree Explanation:

Different KD-Tree Methods:

KD Tree Code Implementations Including SQL fast look up methods for Internal Database for same clunked paged geometry:

KD Tree Demo:

KD Tree Uses In White Papers Including AI Systems:

KD Tree Example with Open Scene Graph:

KD Trees Open Scene Graph: They also use KD-Trees for the database system breaking down the geometry under the shape node in the scenegraph hierarchy.

Open Scene Graph Database System:

Scenegraphs Past, Present, and Future:

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Open Scene Graph

Open Scene Graph:
Based On OpenGL with MultiCore Processing and Clustering.

Open Scene Graphs's Supported Formats:

OpenSG: Also called Open Scene Graph which is a totally different Open Scene Graph, code base, and open source project than the one above. OpenSG has a better Scenegraph than the one above because it is multi-threaded and clustered throughout. However there is less development for OpenSG than the one above and direction on OpenSG seems to be poor at the moment. Both have their respective strenghts as a for instance the one above has KD-Trees, an Internal Database System, GIS, PPU (Post Processing Unit), and Bone Animation System.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

OpenCL vs CUDA

Check out the results between tests performance with OpenCL versus CUDA. Many times there is no difference in performance and other times OpenCL or CUDA is ahead. Its basically pretty much a tie between the 2 of them. CUDA is proprietary and OpenCL works with everything so save yourself a lot of headaches and develop with OpenCL so that you apps work with everything and not just NVIDIA.


OpenCL Download With Goodies:

More Info On OpenCL:

7z Zip Diff Tool

7z Zip:

Diff Tool:

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Open Source I-Phone SIO2

I-Phone SIO2:

SIO2 And Blender I-Phone Development Book:

Gimp And Blender

Gimp: Its a lot like photoshop its free and opensource and it lets you do uncompressed TGAs:

Blender: Free Open Source 3D Animation Package, Game Engine, Video Editor, Compositor, etc

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

White Papers Game Development

Game Development White Papers:
Many white papers and some GLSL-Code Excellent Website
more white papers
GLSL-code for SSGI (see post No. 17)
more on SSGI
GI-technique used in Sonic Unleashed
GLSL-code for subsurface-scattering
Real-time Environment Reflections with OpenGL
more white papers from NVidia (I think you already know that page)
Some GLSL Shader.

Chunked LOD:

PolyVox As An Open Source Digital Molecular Matter:

Outer Space:

Oct Tree Elimination For The Need of UV Space Image Mapping:

Game Dev Website Famous Website For Game Development Been Around For A Long Time:

Deferred Lighting:

GPU Assist:
Real Time Ray Tracing using a new algorithm
to calculate shadows.
and here is a a demo:

Another Good Interactive Ray Tracing:

starcraft ii:

"Open Steer" Open Source AI System Based On Boids Type of Interactions:

For fluids, you could try and implement a sort of fake method with very cool results as seen here.

Steep Parallax Mapping:

Top Notch Really Excellent White Papers With Managed Shader System:

Some link of fast shadow map for large terrain:

producing fluid sound effects automatically from 3d fluid simulations, and will appear at Siggraph:

The central focus of this work is the automatic simplification of highly detailed polygonal surface models into faithful approximations containing fewer polygons.

there is also a link to an implementation you can try out as well.

iterative parallax mapping have better visual quality over steep parallax mapping:

here is paper if someone is interested

here are papers about relief mapping

and here is paper about cone mapping

Real Time GI:

Blender Developments:
Screen Space Effects Filters SSAO+sunrays+chromatic_aberration+DoF:

Soft Shadows:

Relief Mapping:

Iterative Parallax Mapping:



Advanced Ocean Water Shader System:

Real Time SSS:

Cube Mapping With Reflections Transparencies with Fresnel Chromatic Abberations:

Non Real Time: SSGI

Non Real Time Painting With Polygons:

Wednesday, July 15, 2009